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Xamarins's Logo

Xamarin is a company that creates awesome cross-platform implementations, making around world developers' life much easier. 
Studying Xamarin's website, I realized that it had a lot of potential for improvements. You can check some of the results here.

new brand

Xamarin’s logotype is just its name in a specific type.To make it looks like more like a brand, I've used a more fluid type and delimitates a space for the “x” symbol.

I've kept the color that the brand is using in its actual website, but I've created a pattern with polygonal shades of blue, a reference of cross platform.


With the blue pattern as a background in Business Cards, Envelopes and Folders, the Brand has more consistency in its stationary. The letterhead is more minimal than the other products, with the polygonal pattern, but in different shades of color.


In their actual website, at the first sight, it's impossible to know what Xamarin does, so I tried to tell a story in this layout: introducing the company, an exemplification of the product with an exciting image, a little bit more about how easy is to code using Xamarin's products, reasons to love and use it, customer’s real quotes, videos and press releases. The menus were reestruturized to make the navigation much easier.

Download Page

When you want to download something at the website, you have to fill a form. I tried to make this page less bureaucratic and looking more human and exciting, a reference that the product is good, not boring.

Enterprise Page

This page looks like a homepage, but it's not. At this page, companies can find specific solutions and testimonials from other companies that uses and approves Xamarin's products. I've tried to make it more exciting making it in a more fluid grid, new icons to illustrate the features, app's prototypes screenshots and videos from events.