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Singer's Logo

To celebrate the 160 years of the brand, the brazilian Singer's branch decided to upgrade and modernize its digital personality, reestrcturing the brand for the online environment. In this project, I was involved since the strategic planning throught the finalization of the digital project.

Step one: immersion

This project has began with the immersion of the traditional brand: the major concorrents, target public and opinions: from memories of sewing through phrases and songs that remember these moments. I've also visited the company where the machines are made, saw Singer's whole portfolio of products and learned sewing first steps.

post it notes

To organize all the collected material, I've resumed everything that I've learned and experienced in post it notes.

Starting with these words in a small pieces of paper, all these songs, techniques, loves, movies, landscapes and emotions came through a big reference image on the wall, the semantic panel with the brand's essence

singer brand translated to images


This was a Four-Handed project in terms of wireframes. I worked part-time on it, to make a better user experience, improving navigation and disposition of the elements at the pages.

the fun part: visual design

To finalize my row in this project, I've created a visual design
for the institutional website and blog that expressed the brand for itself.

This project took me three months to have it all done. From immersion, visual design conception, wireframing and design screens, this job also had lots of affection and learning involved, since the brand is part of my history, even before I decided to be a designer.