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Bonfaire's Logo

Bonfaire is an online store which sells with exclusivity next season’s hard-to-find and exquisitely made jewelry, shoes, handbags and accessories. I’ve worked with this company as a freelancer and I’ve worked in how new collections were presented to customers everyday. I also was in charge of learn more about their customers’ buying habits and upgrade visually some of Bonfaire’s pages. I kept the minimalism that the website already had and proposed some new features - conceptual and visual.

new day, new challenge

Everyday, Bonfaire launches a new collectiona nd I was the one who determinated how it was going to be showed at the homepage, emails and social newtorks. I usually had to do a page for the collection’s designer as well, that had to match with the brand’s essence.

I had to absorve everything about the brand very quickly and work on the art direction, put the most beautiful products in strategic positions at the email marketing and the entire collection page, to make our customers see to our pages as a beautiful vitrine.

specially for you

In this new version of everyday’s email, I’ve included a short line showing the launching collection name, dedicated to the customer, it shows how the company knows everyone who buys from the website. The user now have the option to visit the homepage of the new collection or click on the top menu, which redirects the user to other collections, specific categories and even the user’s favorite products.

what to expect

At the bottom of the email, it’s showed a collection’s sneak peak, with a little description about the brand and what to expect of this collection. The top products are showed near the and the designer image and something that represents the collection’s inspiration. The email have another link to see all products that are launching at the day at the bottom.

materials and dimensions

When luxury is the subject, the details are the most important part for shoppers, specially jewelry. In every collection I had to show to our exigent customers which materials are used in every single piece and its dimensions as well.

about the designer

Every collection have a history, which is showed by its designer, sometimes forgotten, specially at online stores.
Bonfaire have a special treatment for every designer - knowed or not - all collections
have a little bit about the brand’s history and inspirations.

I’ve redesigned this page not to only have the brand’s biography and some selling products,
but its history: videos, texts, pictures, slideshows, previous collections, sketches and quotes: everything about the
brand’s essene is showed at Bonfaire’s website.

Trends: How to inspire and use them

This new pages were designed to show and check some different point of views of seasonal trends.
In the first example, I’ve designed the “Python” trend: with snakes mixed with products and a little
paragraph about when it had begun and how to use it. Another example is a blogger showing
her favorite trends and products at the website, with quotes, pictures and a short bio, her character
and references ares essential fot the construction of the page.

Where the sales happens

This page had to be more attractive than it was. I’ve redesigned this page, giving more options for the user,
that now can choose the product color and size in the same page. Besides that, the user can now check the
brand’s previous collections, where the product had been made, it’s designer history and trends.

In this version, the product’s materias and dimensions are showed with another product’s angles. 
With all together, the visualization is simpler with less “scroll”, more “buy it now”.